Roc Nation to Build Sports and Entertainment School

Roc Nation to Build Sports and Entertainment School

Business entrepreneur and famous rap artist Jay-Z is working to help nurture the future generation of musicians in Brooklyn. Recently, Roc Nation announced a collaboration to open the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports, and Entertainment with Long Island University.

The school will be giving twenty-five percent of the freshmen a Roc Nation Hope Scholarship that will allow them graduate without debts. It has been announced that by fall, the school will start accepting applications so that the semester can begin by fall 2021 at the Long Island University Campus.

Also, in spring 2021, there will be summer residential camps for high school students which will provide need-based scholarships and year-long Saturday programs designed to inspire and build young talents within the ages of 10-18 in the areas of music and sports management.

According to an announcement from Desiree Perez, Roc Nation’s CEO, the partnership which was envisaged with the LIU President, Dr. Cline, is an investment in the community and the growing talents in Brooklyn, New York. “We are excited that the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports, and Entertainment will provide unique insight, knowledge, and experiences for students and introduce the world to the next generation of unmatched talent.

The Roc Nation’s business operations and strategy president, Brett Yormark, in his statement said that the organization has a pre-existing relationship with the University which is why sports and music are a priority for the Long Island University’s Board of Trustees. According to Yormark, there may also be a consideration concerning an expansion that will go beyond the new school.

The Roc Nation School will provide degrees in music, entrepreneurship and production, music technology, and sports management. There will also be frequent visits by guests lecturers and artists, internships, and a variety of hands-on experiences that will allow students build networks and beneficial relationships.

In her statement, Cline said, “Our proximity in and around New York City’s epicenter of music and sports clearly positions us to offer unparalleled experiential learning and access to professional opportunities that will launch students to success.”

The students who will get the Hope Scholarships will be chosen from high-academic achievers who are based in New York and are first-time freshmen very much in need of mentorship and individual support. The Brooklyn school’s program and scholarships will give students with a passion for music insights on the industry and empower them.

The president of the Grammy Museum, Michael Sticka, also agreed that it is imperative that leaders in the music community to come together and nurture the next leaders. “As the leader of a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support music education, we are always thrilled to hear about new schools and programs that will inspire and foster music’s next generation of creators and leaders.” He said.

Kimberly Cline also shared in her statement that the LIU looks forward to working with Roc Nation. “We look forward to joining with Roc Nation to offer an unprecedented educational resource that opens up the entertainment and sports world to a new and eager generation.”

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