Jay Williams Is Building a Business Empire Behind the Scenes

Jay Williams Is Building a Business Empire Behind the Scenes

Jay Williams, the popular ESPN broadcaster, recently shared with the media that besides working as an NBA analyst, he’s also a businessman. With Simatree, a company co-founded by him, and The Cabin NYC, a restaurant he part-owns, Jay Williams is gradually building an empire behind the scenes.

For over ten years, Williams has been a famous host on the ESPN, after he was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2003 that ended his playing career and almost took his life.

Jay Williams at Duke

The ex-Duke University star shared that he spent a lot of time being angry at himself after the accident. “Frankly, it wasn’t until I started to think about what my accident had gained for me, instead of what it had taken away from me that ultimately, I started to empower myself.” He said. “And I think that allowed me to start being more confident in who I was becoming.”

Years later, we’ve found out that the person Jay Williams was becoming is a businessman.

In the first few years after his accident, he limited himself to sports. He recruited players for a sports agency, partnered with a leading sports marketing firm called Leverage Agency, and started his own consulting agency.

“I had to learn a lot. It was a lot of trial and error.” The broadcaster explained. “Understanding the brand side was pivotal for me because I always understood the athlete’s side. Now I understand what brands need.” He further shared that this opened his eyes to different parts of business he never understood in the past.

Jay Williams as ESPN Analyst

Apart from his management consulting company and restaurant, Williams is also collaborating with EPIC Insurance and a digital creative agency called Barbarian as the lifestyle advisor. With all of these ventures and his job in the media, Jay Williams is, without a doubt, building his own business empire.


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