10 Foods To Eat For Recommended Protein Intake

10 Foods To Eat For Recommended Protein Intake

Protein makes up muscles, skin and hormones. Your body needs protein for growth and tissue repair. The recommended daily portion of protein is between 46-65 grams. However athletes looking to pack on extra muscles should consume a bit more.

Eating protein can also help with weight loss and as you gain muscle mass.  The health benefits of protein include lower blood pressure, low risk for diabetes and heart disease.

There are many foods you can eat to ensure you have the proper daily intake. Lean chicken, lean pork, fish, lean beef, tofu, beans, lentils, low-fat yogurt, milk, cheese, seeds, nuts, and eggs are among the foods that will get you the recommended grams.

Below is a list of foods filled with protein along with the amount of protein included.


1. Lean Chicken Breast

Lean chicken breasts are one of the most popular protein foods.  Chicken breasts are easy to prepare and can be included in various recipes.  One chicken breast without skin contains 32% of protein — 53 grams and 284 calories.


2. Tuna

Tuna is another popular protein food.  It contains loads of nutrients including omega -3 fats. It’s a great topper for salad, or grilled.  If eating canned tuna, One can contains 28 grams of protein and 128 calories.

3. Lean Beef

Lean beef is another protein source that’s filled with protein.  It contains vitamin B12, iron, and other nutrients. One 3 oz serving of lean sirloin steak contains 25 grams of protein and 186 calories.  Great compliment to a side of broccoli or asparagus.

4. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a thick, creamy yogurt that’s a great substitute for sour cream or mayo.  One 6-oz container of Greek Yogurt contains 17 grams of protein and around 100 calories.  It makes for a great mid-day snack, combined with a fruit topping of your choice.


5. Grated Parmesan Cheese

Grated Parmesan Cheese is often a used as a topper on salads and pastas.  Grated Parmesan has 8.1 grams of protein, which is more than shredded which comes in at 1.9 grams.  It’s also great melted on top of a steak or roasted chicken.

6. Eggs

Eggs are one of the most nutritious and protein filled foods. Almost any dish that has to be baked includes eggs. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to keep you healthy.  A serving size is one large egg and it contains 6.3 grams of protein.

7. Almonds

Almonds are a popular tree nut that is often used as a snack in a high protein diet. They’re rich in fiber, Vitamin E, and magnesium. A serving of almonds, which is about 28 whole almonds, contains 6 grams of protein. If you don’t like the crunch of the almonds, you could also substitute for almond butter. 


8. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are similar to broccoli when it comes to protein.  They are also high in fiber, vitamin C, and other important nutrients. Brussels sprouts contain 2.6 grams of protein and taste great when roasted on the grill or in the oven.


8. Mushrooms

Whole white mushrooms are a great source of protein when stir fried. 1 cup of mushrooms contains 3.9 grams of mushrooms.  They’re a great compliment with a chicken breast or lean beef.

9. Chickpeas

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, is favored by vegans and vegetarians.  Chickpeas 16-grams of protein in every cup.  Hummus, which is made from chickpeas is a great topping on veggie wraps and is a great dip normally eaten with pita chips, or pretzels.


10. Turkey Breast

Turkey breast may be the highest source of protein that’s available.  It’s similar to chicken breast being very lean in fat and packs a ton of vitamins and minerals.  One serving of turkey breast (6 oz.) contains 51.9 grams of protein. It’s also a great topping on green salad.



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